Attorney Profile

Attorney Justin Nelson is a creative, entrepreneurial young lawyer who brings a unique perspective and intellectual depth to the practice of law.

Justin grew up in Southern California, graduating from Fallbrook High School in 2001 as a two-sport athlete and two-time class president. He would go on to receive his Bachelor’s degree in theology at Faith Lutheran Seminary in Tacoma, Washington. In 2011, he received his Juris Doctor from Rutgers University School of Law.

Mr. Nelson is licensed in both Illinois and California. He is experienced in criminal matters at the Federal and State level. He currently lives and practices in California, with an emphasis on Northern San Diego County, and Southern Riverside County.

Mr. Nelson primarily practices criminal law, DUI's, and restraining orders (the main area of overlap between the other two areas). On the criminal side, he does DUIs, drug cases, assault and battery, theft, domestic violence, expungements, and more. He is personally dedicated to ensuring that those accused of crimes get a fair shake and are not steamrolled by the government. Justin’s exceptional motion practice and letter-writing has been known to stop cases before they even start.

He also does both civil and domestic restraining orders, representing petitioners and respondents alike. He has helped respondents defeat malicious restraining orders, and he has helped petitioners defeat frivolous claims for attorney’s fees. Few lawyers have the big picture insight into this area of law that Justin Nelson has.

Mr. Nelson’s ultimate goal is to build a full-service general practice firm. So don’t be afraid to call him if your type of case isn’t listed here. There’s a good chance he’s been planning on getting into that area of law but is just waiting for the right case.